Statement of Intent

Greetings from post #1. This is intended to be a brief roadmap of my blog’s purpose. We might even call it my “intention.”

This blog is a place to gather my professional, personal, and academic work in such a way that the links among them become visible.

In fact, they are inseparable.

Consequently, this blog offers a generous smattering of posts about the things that matter to me. Even as those topics may change, I commit to:

  1. Write equitably and mindfully. I’ll do my best to cite as prolifically and as accurately as possible. I’ll monitor just whose ideas I am reproducing.
  2. Write with a purpose. The content I accumulate here is polished, respectful, and meant to be a personal reflection of myself and my interests.
  3. Write to learn. This blog is meant to open channels of communication, be it through common interests or critique. I am, and always will be, here to learn.

I will add to this list as new ideas come up. Until then, welcome to Records Of.

Talk soon,



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