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A study conducted recently by the German-based Max Planck Institute has drawn some alarming conclusions on 21st-century climate change. According to the study’s results, areas of the Middle East and North Africa that already see serious heat waves will become uninhabitable due to the extreme heat- as early as 2040. Currently, temperatures max out around 43 degrees Celsius. However, that could increase to 46 by mid-century. The study considered outcomes with and without the current Paris climate agreement on emissions.

These regions are home to over half a billion people, and a mass exodus would put a strain on current food systems and the already-inundated European refugee crisis. Read the full story here. 

(From The Gist, 4 May 2016)


The Gist 15 Apr 2016

Microsoft is suing the American government over its demands to access customer data without their knowledge. More specifically, the lawsuit is between Microsoft and the US Justice Department, in a battle to regain and protect the privacy of customers’ personal information.

This is the latest battle between major tech companies and the American government, after Apple fought to refuse hacking its own iPhone encryption in the San Bernardino case. Microsoft cites the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act as unconstitutional, potentially violating freedom of speech and the Fourth Amendment, which is customers’ right to know if the government is accessing or seizing their property. Stay tuned for updates on this one.

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(From The Gist, 15 April 2016)